Leadership & Management in Nursing Shortage & Nurse Turnover

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Leadership & Management in Nursing Shortage & Nurse Turnover We are all leaders and managers at some point in our lives. There are many opinions about the differences in leadership and managerial styles of leading. There are those who use the terms interchangeably and believe they are the same, those who believe that “leaders” and “managers” are opposites, and those who are in between. Although there are fundamental differences, individuals can be successful in both roles, and organizations need both to be successful. The purpose of this paper is to define and discuss the approaches in leadership and management styles in relation to the nursing shortage and nurse turnover using theories, principles, skills, and roles of the leader versus …show more content…

Staff members prefer managers who support and provide them with information, resources, and opportunities to enhance their status within the organization (Ribelin, 2003). Evidence has shown that effective leadership is an essential component in staff retention, leadership behaviors such as being fair, valuing and supporting staff contributions, and facilitating staff skill development (Kleinman, 2004). According to Kleinman (2004), transformational leadership is “being able to articulate a shared vision of the future of the organization and encourage creative problem solving that demonstrates support and encouragement of staff” (p. 129). Integrating relational leadership styles, such as transformational leadership, can have positive influences on both turnover and retention of staff nurses (Kleinman, 2004).
Compare & Contrast of Both Styles in Approaching Selected Issue In helping with the nursing shortage, leaders would look ahead, five, 10, & 20 years from now on finding solutions to this ongoing issue. Leaders would encourage nurses to pursue higher education, increase the number of nursing educators, and recruit more young people going into nursing (Kleinman, 2004). And for the nurse turnover and retention issues, leaders would survey each nurse and utilize the data to pinpoint some of the causes and ways to fix the problems. Leaders would invest in each nurse,


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