Business Omm 640

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Ethical and Moral Conduct
Lester Gonzalez
OMM640: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Dr. Ronald Beach
July 28, 2013 A code of ethics is important because it provides individuals within a group, organization, club or society with a set of rules, standards and guidelines to operate within. When employees don't have a code of ethics, they could engage in less-than-socially acceptable behavior. This can establish a bad reputation for an organization. When people don't obey the code of ethics it can tarnish their representative's as well as the group's or organization's reputations. This can diminish their standing in the community and have an unhealthy affect on business and sales Business organizations
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These are all items that require the expertise of someone who is familiar with the local customs. -Value customer service. Finally, make sure you place the appropriate amount of resources in your customer service skills. Take the time to understand the cultures and customs of the country that is purchasing your goods or services. This can make all the difference in the success of your international business. Developing successful communication skills is the key to both personal and business areas of anyone's life. Acquiring these skills in personal life aids people on all levels, including relationships with family, friends and acquaintances. Using proficient communication skills in business alleviates disagreements between co-workers, supervisors and customers. Designing a strong communication skills training program proves profitable in the long run because it appeals to a large audience. Outlining the topics that will be taught within the program such as interpersonal skills, personality types, assumptions (both good and bad), barriers to effective communication and conflict resolution. Choosing concrete objectives for each topic using similarities such as definitions, examples, steps, self-analysis, role playing and group interaction. Figure out if you will design an overall summary of topics within each course or create more in-depth courses within the program. Gather pertinent information for each topic. Figure