Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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Our memories change the way in which we see the world

The idea that our memories change the way on which we see the world and ultimately change reality is a difficult one to understand. An answer to this question depends on the way we define reality. If we define reality as objective- then it can not be altered by memories. However if we define reality as subjective, then, yes, our memories can affect our reality. But what do we mean by memories? What do we mean by relationship? What follows is an attempt to answer some of these questions, and see whether and how our memories affect our reality.

Before considering whether or not memories affect our reality, it may be useful to offer a definition of the term ‘reality’. If we are to
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Howard Lewis an innocent spectator saw the assassination through the lens of his video camera, he knew of the catastrophic it would have on many people lives and when he saw a child alone and scared he recognised that they needed help so he took them to a police officer, his reality change as he saw it as his responsibility to tell the story to everyone not just his children that he was filming the event for. Another different view was seen by the President who had a body double standing in for him as there was an increased risk of assassination instantly after seeing the man been shot his reality changed seeing that innocent people were getting hurt trying to protect him. The shooter also had a different perspective of the assassination his reality changed as he was now wanted by many people for the shooting. The one event can affect many people in many different ways. The 9/11 terrorist attack changed the lives of many people. Some people were made to make split second decisions that would change their lives. This event changed many people’s realities as their life’s had changed. The complications of this event are still seen today by the increased security precautions in many places especially airports. These memories change our lives substantially. It is similar in Eternal Sunshine.....

Our Memories are fragile and open to suggestibility, those who


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