Paragon Tools

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Travis Robinson
Strategic Management in Dynamic Environments
Colorado Technical University
Prof: Mathew Willard Growing for Broke 1.) Why might Paragon Tool want to pursue acquisition of MonitorRobotics? What are the associated risks? Paragon Tool would want to pursue the acquisition of MonitorRobotics because it would give them the ability to troubleshoot their own products out in the field. If Paragon Tool had a tool go down that a consumer had purchased 5 years back then MonitorRobotics would offer the ability to go out and fix and maintain the machine. The acquisition would give Paragon Tool the services they need to maintain their own tools in house and it would give them the departments necessary to keep up
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Building a quality tool is what the consumer wants. If a quality tool is built there is not need to create a department that will trouble shoot tools not working to their fullest potential. If a consumer is told that there is a customer service department available for trouble shooting tools than there is a red flag thrown up that there are times when the tools do not work. Paragon Tool had associates in place watching what the competition was doing and directions they would take. The thought about adding another company to Paragon Tool would not have even been thought of if this associate did not know that the option for expansion was out there. This associate did his or her homework and kept an eye on what the competition was doing. 5.) Should they make the acquisition? Why or why not? I think that Paragon Tool should not acquire MonitorRobotics because it can do the same things with a few new associates. The information for customer service is out there and if the company is building the tools there should be people on staff who can maintain and service the tools. Depending on what the asking price of MonitorRobotics is it could be a great investment or it could be a beginning to an end. In any case this is a small company trying to make it into the power elite and this acquisition might not be the best investment for the long term. By building quality tools with


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