P4 Describe, with Examples, the Impact of Government Policies on Different Public Services.

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P4 Describe, with examples, the impact of government Policies on different public services.
British army
The government will take cuts from the amount of power the British army has, this means that the army would have limited amount they can do to win wars and help other countries with their problems. The British Army presence in Germany will end by 2020 this means that The Basing Plan sets out the location changes for the Army and also confirms the drawdown of all units from Germany by 2020. The plan has transitioned into a delivery Programme and this will affect most areas of the Army as more than 100 units will relocate over the next six years. Overall personnel numbers will drop by 7,000 to 95,500 this means people from the army
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This also means police funding is being cut by 4% a years this means that they have less resources to use every year and less like to help in investigations.
The home office has an annual budget of £10.2bn and the current spending is being cut by 23% and the capital spending is being cut by 49% which means they have less money to spend to help cut down on crime. The police force is being forced on bureaucracy rather than man power.
the governments has also made impact on the NHS for example £7bn in additional welfare budget to be cut, retirement age rises to 66 by 2020 so this mean older people will have to work longer, they have put money in project for English schools, £2bn extra for social care meaning they are putting money in for children to get better educational. The budget for NHS will rise every year until 2015.The budget is rise by 0.4%, fulfilling a conservative election to protect spending.
Fund for new cancer drug to be provided, but £20bn in efficiency and productivity savings sought in NHS by the end of the parliament. An extra £2bn for social care by


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