Define Functional Versus Dysfunctional Conflict in a Work Group and Explain How You Can Increase Functional Conflict and Decrease Dysfunctional Conflict.

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Conflict arises when there is some indifference among two parties. In any working group conflict is almost unavoidable. When most people hear the word conflict, they often tend to take the term in negative manner. Almost everyone perceives conflict to be a malefactor and that it often hinders the development process of any group. Although usually people think of it as a bad thing, conflict on the contrary can be a positive occurrence within a group to bring about change. Comprehensively conflict refers to a situation in which there are opposing demands or ideas and a choice has to be made between them. So, it means without conflict there wouldn't be any opposing demands or ideas in which case the choices are obvious and easy. This can …show more content…

On the contrary, dysfunctional conflicts consist of unhealthy arguments, disputes and disagreements. Those unhealthy discussions hinder the group’s performance. They are the culprit responsible for blocking a group from reaching their desired goals. Dysfunctional conflicts might occur because of information stagnation also. A dysfunctional conflict arises tension, anxiety and stress among the group members. Such conflicts result in reduced trust among the members or even in some cases lead to poor decisions because of withheld or distorted information. Apart from those high magnitude conflicts, even other general factors can be included as dysfunctional conflict. For example in a group when there are very few new ideas, it can be considered dysfunctional.
Dysfunctional conflicts often lead to a decline in communication and performance of a group. Dysfunctional conflicts can also be an overabundance of conflict or a lack of sufficient motivating conflict. There can be several causes of such conflict. They may be motivated by egos of members within the group or a personal reason. Incompatibility is one of the biggest source of conflict. Incompatibility can also be fueled by misunderstanding and lack of communication.
It is very important to understand the nature of conflict and act accordingly. For a group to function properly all the components of that group must be pointing towards the success of their goal. With the


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