P&G Case Study

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Summary Statement/Abstract
P&G is a global company that is involved in many different markets including beauty and grooming and household care. The company has been through a lot of change due to the O2005 project that was undertaken in 1999 and saw a complete overhaul of the company during those years. One product that also was involved a lot during that time was the SK-II skin care product which was popular in Japan and a man named de Cesare wanted to take the product global to either the Chinese or European market. However, in order to do this there was a lot of analysis and research which had to be done to determine which market was the best to move the product to and de Cesare had to make a recommendation to the GLT knowing that
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Not only is SK-II a hard product to sell in high volumes, but also with the O2005 in full effect it was causing a lot of disruption and distraction within the company itself. Like Thompson says, “Now they were developed globally- or at least regionally- by new people who often did not understand the competitive and trade differences across markets” (Sewell, 12, 2004). With all this chaos going on within P&G currently and changes to continue to occur for the next couple years it does not make sense that SK-II would be able to become a global brand because it will take a lot more work to market it to all the different global markets which P&G is trying to compete in. Due to all this extra work it would almost be hazardous to the company as a whole because there are already people who do not understand the differences in these new markets therefore by piling on more work and a completely new product it will cause more harm than good. Not only is the O2005 putting a big damper on the potential of SK-II on a global scale, but also there is the question of bring a totally new product into an already crowded field of high-profile, well-respected competitors and that is just within


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