Summary and Evaluation: Continental Airlines Flies High with Real-Time Business Intelligence

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Continental Airlines is now known as one of the best contrived airlines in the world. Their effective strategic and tactical decision-making analytics are on the cutting edge of the airline industry.
With a long history going back, in American Southwest, a single-engine Lockheed aircraft was founded in 1934 and its headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. This airline boosted its fly by serving overly 50 million passengers into five continents and 227 destinations. And 10 years ago, the company crashed that led the, filed for bankruptcy protection twice and nearly destroyed the brand. Throughout all of this Continental has managed to survive in a very competitive industry in an ever changing world. Continental Airlines
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Prepare early on real-time BI, the warehouse team is always ready to deliver when the real-time information is needed. Recognize that some date cannot and shout not be real time, constant monitoring is a must to solve and even detect problems in an earliest point. Show users what is possible with real-time BI, their own ideas came up from thinking out of the box and to support upcoming ideas that requires time. Have the right people in right positions, warehouse staff members have degrees that are suitable for their work in addition to their working experiences and skills. Real-time BI requires the automation of ETL processes, the automation of process between feeing of real-time date to a warehouse in the Service Bureau so that there would be less human interference. Strategic and tactical decision support must be carefully managed to successfully co-exist, the settings are being prioritize based on their levels. The "Time Machine" must be managed according to business needs, Continental's tracking of flights become effective in tracking arrival and departure since they updates their data regularly. Storing the enterprise warehouse data in 3rd normal form supports and encourages enterprise-wide use, data redundancies are omitted and easily maintained which are stored in 3rd normal form. The view of enterprise was effective throughout the company. Real-time BI blurs the line between decision support and operational systems, there