Marketing Plan for New Product Launch

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{draw:g} {draw:frame} SUPERIOR UNIVERSITY LAHORE Project Name: Marketing Plan for new product launch Presented To: Sir Kashif* *Mahmood Group Name : The Stallionz Leader Name & Id: Imran Shoukat MBP Members Name & Id: Muhammad Arslan Dilawar MBP Abuzer Shabbir MBP Hassan Raza Muhammad Kashif Munir Company N*ame:* The Glimmers Limited. Company Logo: {draw:frame} Product Name: {draw:frame} * * * *Contents of Marketing Plan Part 1: Executive Summary Part 2: Purpose and Mission Part 3: Situational Analysis Product, Market Analysis Distribution Analysis Competitor Analysis Financial Analysis Other Analysis Part 4: Strategy and Objectives …show more content…

Because the competitors of the Refresh are:- Shezan Country Nestle Sunfresh Benz Product Review: The Refresh is available in 250ml size and available in different Flavors like: Mango Apple Pineapple Orange Mix-fruit Competitive Review “Refresh” Competitors: The competitors of “Refresh” juice are more than 10. NESTLE & SHEZAN is leading market right now and other companies are far away from it. NESTLE & SHEZAN has loyal customers over the years because it is very old company and customers are aware of its merits & demerits. The company’s first purpose is to compete NESTLE and other juices which have large market share. The main competitors are {draw:frame} & {draw:frame} {draw:frame} Product: Shezan juice is a product by Shezan International Ltd. Qualities of Shezan: High availability Large range of flavors Standardized and attractive packing Large promotion and market coverage Available in Various weights packing. Price: Minimum price of juice is 12 R.s Place: Shezan has a large market share in Pakistan. Sales: Promotion: They promote this product through Electronic media Print Media FM Radio stations Wall Chalking {draw:frame} {draw:frame} Product: Nestle beverages is a product by Nestle International. Qualities of


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