Old Joe Case Report

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In the spring of 2012, our management group, group 7, was assigned to take over a business as top level management. With the only guideline of creating a drastically more capable and profitable organization within a year, we had a lot of work ahead. The business belonged to Old Joe, an absolute genius engineer who was lacking in business management skills, Fred, a failed engineer with underlying personal issues resulting in counterproductive activity, and Netty, Old Joe’s wife. This division of the business specializes in the creation of medical products, and has customers globally. The backwards situation the business was in cannot be overstated. There was a huge set of order back logs, quality problems, inventory issues, social and …show more content…

This process will occur over all periods until we decrease it until our target time. This will address problem #13. * Slow down the account payables rate by several days with better accuracy of the materials and services traced to the specific accounts. This is a continuous process and will be performed throughout all quarters. We will achieve this by having Donna call our suppliers and telling them we will now pay according to normal business schedules. This will address problem #14. * Work on fencing off inventory room, with only one entrance and have personnel in supply room to check everything going in and out. Fix supply room and make it so it is flowing. No dead ends, color coordinate, One entrance, useful products stay lower on shelves and more convenient to get. Products that are not used at much can stay higher up or farther back in stock room. - This will address problem #9. * Harry will be asked to implement some quality measures, Total Quality Management, Quality at the Source, implementing some better use of preventative costs among other things could be used after he helps to implement and empower the proper workers in the quality department. Value-added measurements should also be implemented in the quality metrics so that


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