Bringing Adam Home

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Bringing Adam Home Book Review


Bringing Adam Home review examines the story of the decades-long investigation into the abduction and murder of 6-year-old Adam Walsh. The police investigation took 27 years to prove guilt of the serial killer, Ottis Toole, who made multiple confessions to the murder. The book is written by the experienced detective writer Les Standiford with the help of the retired detective Joe Matthews, who finally found evidence of Toole’s committing the murder 27 years afterwards. The case of Adam Walsh has influenced the American society in the way that legislatures were made protecting children, and practices were adopted helping find missing and potentially
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Matthews blames the manner of interrogation when the suspect was let speak without asking necessary questions, and he found the witness who was consistently ignored by Hoffman. The most shocking omission, the reader may consider, was the neglect of the repeated confessions by Toole with a graphic description of the whole process of abduction, murdering, sodomizing, and decapitating of Adam Walsh and the subsequent dismembering and setting ablaze his body. Toole even gave a sensational interview to Jacksonville Times Union where he repeated his confession to the murder of Adam Walsh (Standiford, 2011).
Chapters 5 to 6 focus on Matthews’s account of how he proceeded with the investigation. It became possible only after Hoffman was transferred to the Patrol Division in 1994 (Standiford, 2011). Matthews spent two years and nine months reviewing the case and adding new materials. In the end,Matthews had multiple eyewitness identification of Toole taking Adam from Sears, twenty-five independent confessions to the crime made by Ottis Toole, and most important of all – missed by previous investigators – luminal images of machete and luminal outline of a child’s face on the carpet of Toole’s Cadillac. It finally proved Ottis Toole to be the man who committed the crime.
The first part of the book does not make an easy reading. When Toole gives his numerous confessions to various detectives all the same details of the murder, rape, and dismembering are repeated


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