Nvq Level2 Plastering Que 839

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QCF 641

1) Fall restraint system should be used when working at height
2) PPE must be worn at all times and as instructed.
3) RPE should be worn when cutting stone
4) LEV should be used when working in a closed environment.

All health and safety equipment should be used in the correct environment.
You should wear the correct PPE for the job i.e LEV when working in a closed environment. Read all hazard boards.

Information – first aid etc
Prohibition – Prohibited from doing
Mandatory – PPE
Warning – Plant etc

To ensure you are safe and that the work environment is a safe place to work in and to inform contractors and operatives of any changes on site and also prevents accidents.

Follow all rules
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Tools are stored away securely and safely in a lock up on site when not in use. Personal belongings are kept locked in a van or in our locker.

The injured party where possible must report the accident and complete the accident book. If unable to do this then they must nominate someone to act on their behalf.


Red – water – wood/paper
Black – co2 – electrical
Blue – dry powder – electrical
Cream – foam – liquid (petrol etc)

You may use a fall restraint system when working at height moving resources.
PPE must be worn at all times on site
Masks should be worn when mixing materials to prevent inhalation of dust
LEV when working in a closed environment

Data sheets should be read before using health and safety control equipment, you must read the data sheet and follow the method statement and risk assessment. Correct procedures should always be followed.

Raise the alarm, go to muster point, clear all spillages if it is safe to do so.
Be aware of hazards and read hazard board.

Any objects/resources over 25kg should be moved with a handling aid.
Containers are used to prevent spillages on site and to assist with move them safely.
To keep tools secure and prevent accidents to operatives and public..

Use kinetic lifting aids to handle resources where possible or use mechanical lifting aids.
Any problems should be reported to site manager.



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