Support Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour

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Learning outcome 1.1

Communicate with children and young people in a way that is appropriate to the individual, using both conventional language and body language

When communicating with children, a number of skills need to be demonstrated to communicate effectively. Children learn to communicate through the responses of others, if they feel they have not had there contributions valued they are less likely to initiate communication themselves appropriate responses reinforce the child’s self-esteem, values this is important in building relationships initiating conversations and finding out the answers to questions builds on the language skills that are integral to child’s learning. In the setting working with children with
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If children feel that adults are not listening to them, this can have a negative impact on their confidence and behaviour. Children should be encouraged to ask questions because it demonstrates that they have understood and are showing an interest so it is important to be supportive, if the question is inappropriate or they already know the answer then, be patient and ask them to think about what they have said, they might be able to answer their own question, if the question is not relevant to the lesson, then simple invite them to discuss this with you at a more convenient time. When children ask questions it shows that they are thinking about other possible choices, looking at a problem from another perspective. In response to children’s ideas and suggestions it is crucial that their ideas are listened to and not laughed at or made fun of as this can cause them to lose confidence in their abilities, which could supress the desire to participate in the future.

Learning outcome 2.4

Provide children and young people with reasons for actions when appropriate

To effectively support relationships with children it is important to explain reasons for your actions, particularly if they have not understood a reaction demonstrated to them by an adult for example if a child running around the classroom and not listening to the teachers


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