Nutrition and Digestion

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Module 2 Written Assignment

1. What are enzymes? What specifically is the role of an enzyme in digestion?

Enzymes are working proteins that facilitate chemical reactions without being changed in the process. Organs of the digestive system excrete digestive juices, which contain enzymes that break the bonds of nutrients that can be absorbed.

2. Trace the path of a cheeseburger and fries through the digestive tract. Indicate each place where mechanical digestion, chemical digestion, and absorption occurs FOR EACH NUTRIENT (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins). Be sure to fully explain the role of EACH organ involved (including the pancreas, liver, and gallbladder).

In the mouth – food is crushed and chewed by teeth (mechanical
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Since alcohol dehydrates tissues and suppresses ADH, there is increased output of urine and loss of body water, which leads to thirst. The only fluid that quenches thirst is water. So one must drink more water.
6. Explain IN DETAIL why drinking 7 beers in one night is much more damaging to the body than drinking one beer a day for 7 days. Focus on the physiological aspect (alcohol's effect on the body).
Drinking in moderation is considered as 2 drinks/day for the average-sized, healthy man and no more than 1 drink/day for the averaged sized, healthy woman. When one drinks 7 beers in one night, one introduces too much toxins into the body and its organs than they may be capable of handling at that one time. The liver may not have enough enzymes (alcohol dehydrogenase) to break down all the alcohol, and the extra alcohol will circulate through the brain, liver and other organs until enzymes are available to metabolize it, disrupting their functions.

7. Explain what emulsification is to describe the function of bile.

Fats, for the most part, cannot be digested in the mouth or stomach, so when it enters the small intestine, an emulsifier is needed to mix the fats with the tract's


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