Nurse-Patient Relationship

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The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate how Peplau's concept of the nurse-patient relationship can be used to influence an incident in practise. I have chosen to focus on the nurse-patient relationship, as I am in the early stages of my adult nurse training and I feel it would be beneficial to understand this relationship more accurately. The first part of this assignment defines a concept and briefly outlines the nurse-patient relationship as a concept. The second part focusses and outlines Peplau's theories. The final part relates Peplau's theories to an incident in practise. It is important to recognise that one theory may not substantially apply to an individual situation or nurse-patient relationship. Therefore I will …show more content…

She accepted my help and requested that I remain in the room with her as she was frightened of fainting again. Peplau would refer to this as the Orientation phase. We were strangers on meeting and only spoke for a minimal amount of time. We had a brief discussion about her situation and Sarah asked questions about her healing time and expressed concerns about her ability to pass urine. I reassured her that this was a normal complication of her surgery and provided her with a leaflet on what to expect following her surgery. I had adopted the role of the the resource nurse and where I was unable to answer her questions I would seek advice from my mentor. Sarah felt empowered educating herself on her new situation and I was also learning and developing my knowledge. The healing of illness requires intensive efforts to communicate with patients. (Reiser, 1978). Throughout the day Sarah felt the sensation of needing to pass urine, however whilst on the commode she was unable to do so. I assured her that as I was supernumerary, I had more time on my hands than the other nurses and that she shouldn't hesitate tot ring her bell. Sarah was gaining confidence in me and during our brief discussions I discovered that we had things in common. As Sarah was very anxious about her new situation I made sure that I really concentrated on everything she said, so that I was able to reassure her and answer any questions effectively. I would repeat


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