Theory Basaed Research Paper

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Theory Based Research Paper
Ida Jean Orlando
Shawna West, RN
Eastern New Mexico University

Research Paper Outline 1.0 Title 2.1 Ida Jean Orlando 2.0 Thesis 3.2 Ida Jean Orlando was a nurse who developed a theory on the nurse-patient relationship, defined nursing in itself, and gave a different outlook on the nursing process. 3.0 Background of Ida J. Orlando 4.3 Birthplace 4.4 Education 4.5 Degrees 4.6 Achievements 4.7.1 Published Books 4.7.2 In General (To nursing as a whole) 4.0 The Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship Theory 5.7 Purpose of theory 5.8 Key component of theory 5.9 The Nursing Process 5.10.3 Patient’s behavior
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The modern process is more related to pathophysiology, thought by some, and includes assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, and evaluation. The two nursing processes do share commonalties in that they are both repetitive and meant to obtain a goal. Orlando’s nursing process was developed to meet immediate needs only (Nurse Scribe, 2007).
It is so important to remember that the nurse’s perception plays a huge role in The Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship theory. The nurse’s perceptions of patients’ needs can alter their actions in the healthcare setting. If the nurse has not taken the time to communicate effectively with the patient or if the patient does not trust the nurse, their needs could easily be misinterpreted. Orlando’s theory is based on an eclectic model in that the nurse’s actions are deliberate and provide solutions to problems. The actions are not considered automatic because perceptions, thoughts, and feelings are explored first (Joel, Lucille A. & Kelly, Lucie Young. 2002. p. 182).
With Orlando’s theory it is not the nurse’s specific actions that are evaluated, but rather the result of their actions. Was the patient able to effectively communicate their need to the patient and was the nurse able to meet their needs? Because this theory requires that each action be individualized to each patient, the nurse must go through Orlando’s