My Experience with Racism

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Elvis A Navarro
BLS 245
September 23, 2008
My Personal experiences with Racism Racism has always been a big topic in society, even during Jesus Christ time. I believe racism comes from independent thinking and views and how this view from family, friends and society forms us each day. Racism has to do a lot with social status, money, power, looks, sex and much more. Coming from a third world country I can really see the major differences of racism how they vary by culture and education. My experience in the United States as a young boy has formed my racism definition and view of society in general. One of the biggest influences in my life is my father name Evaristo Navarro in terms of racism, he came from an era where marrying a
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One day I was working at my job as a security guard for a prestigious catholic school in Cleveland. There was this guy who was a hillbilly from west Virginia and he would always come to me talking about those N’s get on my nerves I don’t like them. He would speak with such hatred and animosity and I would tell him look they are my friends and I don’t appreciate how you talk about them. Also there was another guy who was white that worked at the school and we were talking one time and I told him Chinese food was my favorite food. The guy went crazy he began to say how you can like those gooks cooking, those chinks I hate them. I was astonished at how this guy’s incredible ignorance and I told him they built the American railroads and are a great culture and their cooking is great and he was still disgusted and kept saying racial slurs. His boss who was a good friend of mine told him if he did not shut up he was going to get him fired and since that day he stopped talking those racial slurs about Chinese people. Like in New York City the Puerto Ricans in Cleveland would fight with the Dominicans and blacks all the time. One time I was standing in a line in the super market and this


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