Race and the Invisible Hand

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Race and the Invisible Hand Racism is a social dilemma that has been dealt a frequent occurrence in the history of mankind. People have experienced different forms of racism and depending on what part of the world you lived in, many wars have been fought different ethnic and racial group. The term racism has been over used so much so that it does no longer have a significant definition. The meaning varies depending on who is being asked what racism is. According to the book, "Institutional Racism in America," however, racism is a broad term.
“Discrimination, segregation, harassment intimidation and other acts are what is deemed illegal in America, the authors note. When these acts are practiced on groups because of their race, sex,
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According to Dr. Royster studies , the only black male that was able to achieve success in this study said he day-to-day had to bow and grin and that his co-workers that were white used racist sobriquets in anticipation that he will blow up in other to get him fired. Race and the Invisible Hand stand as a powerful counterbalance to those who would continue to blame the discarded victims of an uncaring economic system for their own plight (William).
In retrospect, my view on this topic stretches far beyond racism in the sense that it goes all the way back to when the slave trade began. Right from the start a group position hypothesis was formed in which the White people were the majority group and the minority the colored people, blacks. I personally believe the colonist saw the servant and master relationship that Africans had. Initially, it was not a race factor as Africans themselves have servants. The whites saw servants differently than the Africans and in turn made servants as slaves, even to this day there are servants in Africa which most people do not see anything wrong with it, because they are not treated the same way the whites treated the blacks. I have always reckoned that it is unacceptable for any human regardless of race and social status to use their power to infringe on the other, but I will make an exception. Countries that colonized the African Nation should be blamed for all this racism, however I feel


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