Life Interview Review

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Life Review Interview
Aminata Conteh
Professor Sandra Hill-Williams
SOWK 505 8-18-2012

When I saw Ms. Mary Walker, the word “Old” does not even cross my mind. I was very surprised when I found out her age. It seemed strange that a woman of this age could show so much youth, little wrinkles, mobility, and did not cough every ten seconds as an indicator of good health. Identifying her as an individual in the 68 + age range seemed misleading but a glance at her salt and pepper afro provided some proof. A natural inquisitiveness in me wanted to know her secret. Luckily, I was given an assignment that appeared to be perfectly suitable to ask all the right questions-A Life Review. I had seen Ms. Walker several times in my
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Although she lived during a period when there were oppressive attitudes towards African Americans, she stated within her community there was more unity. In recent times, increased material wealth has created divisiveness between all people by class. One of the most pressing issues that she sees as needing political change today is the interpretation of the second amendment the right to bear arms. Too many crimes involving guns among younger populations have escalated. She stated that the original purpose of the amendment was for states to have the right to bear arms against the threat of the federal government. The need for gun control should lead by the federal government through legislation.
Critical Analysis
Resilience and Empowerment

Empowerment theories are based on the idea that society consists of stratified groups processing different and unequal levels of power and control over resources that restrict people from achieving their aspirations (Ritzer, 2008). Empowerment is the “process of increasing personal, interpersonal or political power so that individuals can take action to improve their life situations (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2010)”.
To say that negative experiences can bring within opportunities to an individual, family, or community, does not mean that we do not acknowledge their scars and pain. The Strengths Perspective acknowledges that often people who are facing hardship are resilient and


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