Internal and External Conflict in Hamlet

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In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare conflict plays a very significant role. The play’s main protagonist, Hamlet, possesses both internal and external conflict due to the fact that he is fighting his inner conscience and suppressing his inner emotions, and he is seeking revenge on and conflicting with many other characters in the play. These internal and external conflicts this character is experiencing affect those around him. They also shape the events that occur in the drama and contribute to the overall outcome. Hamlet experiences a tremendous amount of internal conflict throughout the play. He is constantly debating whether or not he should face his troubles. This sense of uncertainty comes from a lack of self confidence, …show more content…

Hamlet’s conflict with Claudius is ultimately driven by his inner struggle which can only be resolved through revenge on King Claudius. James Batchelor writes “He is hence blinded from reason, and part of his growth as a character is based on his ultimate resolution and fulfillment of these internal struggles. Thus he is finally able to resolve his external conflict with Claudius by avenging his father’s death” (Batchelor, James. "Internal and External Conflict in Hamlet." Glyph. Web. 28 Jan. 2013.) This quotes from author James Batchelor proves that Hamlet is experiencing an external conflict with Claudius which is a direct result of the internal conflict he is experiencing within himself. The fight he is undergoing with Claudius also creates quarrels with other characters, such as Laertes and society in general. Everyone around Hamlet is constantly questioning and trying to prove that he is mad, when in fact he is one of the only characters who can see things for how they really are. It is clear that the character of Hamlet possesses both inner and outer conflict in this Shakespearean play because he is fighting his inner conscience, suppressing his inner emotions, and conflicting with many other characters. The outer conflict Hamlet experiences is mainly between Claudius and himself, but this quarrel between them is also reason for the fights between Hamlet and


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