Com 100 Short Answer Assignment

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Com Lesson 1 short answer assignment
1. What is the difference between your self-concept and self-image? What is the difference between your self-concept and your self-esteem?
The difference between an individual's "self-concept" of themselves, versus their "self-image" is on a situational basis. The overall idea and image a person has of his or her self is the "self-concept." The "self-image" of a person varies from situation to situation. However, these individualistic portraits of the self contribute to the overall "self-concept" of a person.
An individual may use this description of themselves to assess the value of the self. This is considered to be a person's "self-esteem," or the way in which an individual views their worth. A
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I was unaware for the first part of the presentation, as to how the audience was reacting to the information. I just stayed focused on my note cards and failed to look out to the audience during that first half. However, I did regain my composure and was able to gauge the audience's reaction and adjust my presentation accordingly.

For reflective metacommunication, I would rate myself as poor. Once the presentation was finished, I felt relieved and did not want to relive the event. While my teacher gave me feedback, I did not seek additional feedback from my peers. Even after the evaluation of the assignment, I did not bother to go back and change any part of the presentation that was weak or unfitted to the topic.

4. The first four steps in DECIDE are related to anticipatory metacommunication. What real-life communication situation would be most likely to need planning, and therefore, the skill of anticipatory metacommunication? What real-life communication situation would be less likely to need a lot of time for planning communication? Why? Give specific examples.

--Answer below:
A real life situation that would need anticipatory metacommunication is asking an individual for their hand in marriage. Usually, marriage proposals are thought of in advance (most likely by the "man" of the relationship) and are planned to be thoughtful and romantic. Since it is a lifelong question, the proposer must anticipate any potential problems


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