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This research paper discusses the movie “Mr. Jones.” It details the character Mr. Jones and tells about his current psychological condition (bipolar disorder). It further discusses the causes, symptoms, treatment, and ethical issues concerning this disorder.

Mr. Jones is a movie about a charismatic man who is diagnosed as bipolar and is committed to a psychiatric institution. He is diagnosed incorrectly at first but then receives the correct diagnosis and becomes romantically involved with psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Bowen. This movie deals with bipolar disorder and displays the signs and symptoms of the disorder, possible causes of the disorder, treatments of
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During an evening at the Symphony with Susan, his passion for music overwhelms him. Jones jumps on stage to wrestle control from the conductor because he is convinced that Beethoven would have wanted his “Ode to Joy” played at a much faster tempo. He is then arrested and taken to the hospital for evaluation. A depressive episode is diagnosed if the depressed mood lasts most of the day, nearly every day, for a period of two weeks or longer (Psychology Today, 2011). Some signs and symptoms of a depressive episode are: lasting sad, anxious, or empty mood; feelings of hopelessness; decreased energy, a feeling of fatigue or of being “slowed down”; difficulty concentrating, remembering, making decisions; loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed; restlessness or irritability; sleeping too much or inability to sleep; thoughts of death or suicide, or suicide attempts (Nevid et al., 2006). Once Mr. Jones is hospitalized for the second time, he gets correctly diagnosed and is restrained and given a sedative to help him rest. Mr. Jones then begins to spiral into a depression, and his concentration decreases as he loses an unusual skill with numbers. He also appears sullen and so apathetic that he can’t even wash himself. He also wanders around not enjoying anything that usually appeals to him. He begins to move slowly, appears


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