Model Description and Application Outline Draft

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U05a1 Model Description and Application Outline Draft
Provide a brief overview of the history of the selected model and its founders, and discuss the essential ideas of the approach. Cite original sources, and be sure to answer questions such as:
• What is the role of the counselor? The role of the counselor in Experiential Family Therapy is to facilitate an experience and break down any inhibitions that have been built. As for Whitaker, therapy is an art, and he recommends substituting for theory faith in one’s own experience and the ability to allow the process of therapy to unfold in an authentic and genuinely responsive manner (Becvar & Becvar, 2013, p. 160).

• What is the theory of change?
Therapy is thus a growth process in
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With this perspective in mind, it may possibly bring about a sense of belonging. Becvar & Becvar (2013, p.161), states that the power of the family, as manifested in either negative or positive way, is the key to individual growth and development. And the issue of health and normalcy is therefore extremely important in Whitaker’s approach to family therapy (2013, p.161). Through this counseling process they can first begin to relive their marital familial normalcies from how things were, even prior to the birth of the children.
- Identification of whether your selected model or approach is a strength-based model or deficit model (explain and support your opinion)
Being that this is an experiential process it will be faith based, in the sense of expecting an unknown outcome, but with the hope that reconciliation will/can occur between Beckie and Michael. And no one member carries all of the responsibility for being the problem all of the time, thus each member can be ‘worked on’ …(Becvar & Becvar, 2013, p. 161).

- Identification of the target of intervention, supported from the basis of the model or approach selected.
Within this family there is a significant bond that ties the family together, and it is this hope that will help them to heal. This dissention is not making room for healthy vibes to help their terminally ill son. The emotional reunion this family is


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