ECO/372 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment

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Team C Week 3 Learning Team Assignment

Team C Week 3 Learning Team Assignment
In our team paper, we are going to evaluate, assess, and apply various economic situations from a Keynesian and Classical perspective. As the global markets increase and decrease over time careful modifications of the economy of the United States need to be made. After a comprehensive assessment of the current economic situation team C has agreed, that the Current State of Interest Rates, unemployment, exceptions, and consumer incomes and spending are the distinct factors that have an influence on economic forecasting and growth. The US is still recovering from the financial crisis there is still some skepticism, despite recent signs in
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Although, the result of these restrictions will impact millions for quite some time, it is up to us to make sure we follow short term goals to ensure our long-term goals are achieved.
In the current macroeconomic situations that we are having in the world today expectations is something that people are looking to hear to see how well the world is going to be performing on an economic level. The use of the Keynesian model of macroeconomics is all about doing things in the short run not long run so fix the issues now. In use with the Keynesian model we have the aggregate supply and demand in which would show us how much or give us an expectation of wood which is to be in high demand and where we are in regards to the supply of this product. In the Keynesian model with the short run it would be wood again which is in high demand that we need to watch for the supply and of course the prices of this product. In the reports they are giving the expectations of wood which would inform the world as to how to budget there money so that if it is something they we used or needed for home repair people are aware of the price increase and adjust our budgets accordingly or if the demand is low and the supply is high with a price decrease people can save some money. I would recommend that people or retailers that sell wood or who need wood to use in their business be prepared for the price changes that would come with the purchase