Mis 589 Homework Questions Week 4

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3.) What are the parts of TCP/IP and what do they do? Who is the primary user of TCP/IP?
TCP/IP is the transport/network layer protocol we use on the internet. Many BN’S, MAN’s and WAN’s rely on it. This is because it is relatively efficient, and transmission has few errors. Any errors that are found, are checked and so large files can be sent even in the most unsafe network and the data will still be unchanged. TCP/IP is very compatible with a number of data link protocols as well.
The two parts of the TCP/IP are the: Transport Layer Protocol and the Network Layer Protocol aka TCP and IP. TCP is what links the application layer to the network layer. It also helps by segmenting the data, by breaking them down
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If a position is used to indicate a subnet, you would see a 1 in the subnet mask; a 0 would indicate there is no position. Bits that show up as a 1; are known as network bits, because they show the exact part of an address in your network that is the subnet part. Bits that show up as a zero, are known as host bits. These tell you the part of the address that is unique to a certain host or computer. Since IP addresses are binary numbers, this means subnets can operate using partial bytes also. For example, lets’ say the network is configured and you see that the first two bytes indicate a subnet (e.g., 128.184.x.x). You would then use a subnet mask on all computers, and the first two byes would be known as your subnet indicator. In that case, a computer with an IP address of would be on the same subnet as (Fitzgerald, 160).

It is important to note that:
“A subnet mask of means that the first three bytes indicate the subnet; all computers with the same first three bytes in their IP addresses are on the same subnet. This is because 255 expressed in binary is 11111111. In contrast, a subnet mask of indicates that the first two bytes refer to the same subnet. With partial byte subnets, a subnet mask can be but in binary numbers, it looks like this: This means that the first three bytes plus the first bit in the


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