In His Biography of Charles Dickens, Edgar Johnson Writes ‘’a Christmas Carol’ Is a Parable of Social Redemption and Scrooge’s Conversion Is the Conversion for Which Dickens Hopes Among Mankind’ Discuss.

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'A Christmas Carol’ is a novella written by Charles Dickens which illustrates a somewhat happy Christmas story that highlights the importance of being a kind hearted person. Throughout his novella, Dickens’s shows the reader his intended moral of the story, that Scrooge’s transformation at the end of the novella is what Dickens’s hopes that our world will too surely change. This is evident throughout the novella as he depicts Scrooge (before the conversion), the main character; to stand for all that Dickens is against. He also puts the idea of Utilitarianism into the way Scrooge acts at the start of the novella, which Dickens also seems to dislike. Dickens then goes on to describe Scrooge, after his conversion, in a different way to at the …show more content…

Scrooge sees Belle talking to the young Scrooge and says, ‘Another idol has displaced me’ ‘A golden one’. These two quotes clearly show that Scrooge chose money over his relationship with Belle. Scrooge then begs the Ghost of Christmas Past to show him no more memories as he begins to feel tortured. The ghost then takes Scrooge to another place, where Scrooge finds himself in the home of an older version of Belle, happy with a husband and children. This vision would have helped Scrooge to realise just what he might have had, if he didn’t throw his love with Belle away for his love for money. By using these memories on Scrooge, he begins to realise that maybe he isn’t happy with his life after all, and may need to change the way he acts now, in the present. By showing Scrooge as a money-loving person, Dickens again shows that people like this, who are like Scrooge, will not find happiness in their lives, just like Scrooge finds himself realising.

At the end of the novella, Scrooge goes through a significant conversion and turns into the type of person Dickens seems to hope that other people too choose to live like. After Scrooge is visited by the three ghosts, he realises that money isn’t everything and that family do matter. Dickens changes his description of Scrooge from the way he described him at the start of the book, as he changes from cold weather descriptive words, to warmer and friendlier words. An example to