Recidivism: Prison and Ex-offenders

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The Argumentative Research Paper Melissa Walker (an acquaintance of the author) sits within the walls of her concrete cell at Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women (FCCW). Walker is making a contribution to this year’s recidivism rate. She was released from prison in 2008 after serving seven years of confinement. Sadly to say, this year she reoffended by stealing credit card information from her “Productive Citizenship” instructor. Her new charges are credit card theft, forgery, as well as probation violation. The price for Walker’s reoffending is incarceration until March, 2015. Wayne Luke, a retired probation officer with the Virginia Department of Corrections, says that the difference between successful and non-successful …show more content…

These programs are designed to enhance employment opportunities. Employment is a necessary tool everyone needs to succeed in society, not just ex-offenders. Having a job gives the ability to provide for oneself and to have financial freedom. There are employers who do not want to offer second chance opportunities to ex-offenders but there are other companies who do.
Housing is the second major barrier an ex-offender faces upon release. The economy has not been friendly for anyone seeking shelter, especially ex-offenders. There are so many homeless people due to the recession. Once an inmate has completed his or her sentence, Federal and State laws mandate that an adult offender cannot remain in jail. Rental applications are screened for criminal activity which often results in rejection, and requirements such as security deposits and first month’s rent can often be a setback for the ones who are fortunate enough to be approved.
Derek Schnapp, a spokesman for the Illinois Department of Corrections, says “once they’ve served their sentence, we cannot legally hold them. Schnapp goes on to say that “the department advises inmates preparing to leave prison of potential shelters and community organizations that may be able to help them, but that securing housing is not within the department’s jurisdiction.” Also inmates released as parolees begin searching for


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