Mid term ch 1-3 payroll accounting

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Section A—DIRECTIONS: Each of the following statements is either true or false. Unless directed otherwise by your instructor, indicate your choice in the Answers column by writing
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(A) Color, (B) Religion, (C) Age, (D) Sex, (E) National origin




Which of the following acts covers employee pension and welfare plans? (A) Federal Unemploy-

ment Tax Act, (B) Federal Insurance Contributions Act, (C) Age Discrimination in Employment

Act, (D) Family and Medical Leave Act, (E) Employee Retirement Income Security Act.




Medicare is a two-part health insurance program that was part of an amendment to what act?

(A) Federal Insurance Contributions Act, (B) Federal Income Tax Withholding Law, (C) Federal

Unemployment Tax Act, (D) Age Discrimination in Employment Act, (E) Fair Labor Standards Act




Which of the following statements is not a provision of ERISA? (A) ERISA applies to pension and

welfare plans established by any employer engaged in commerce. (B) ERISA establishes minimum

vesting schedules that protect the workers’ benefits. (C) ERISA provides that all employees are

eligible to set up their own individual retirement accounts. (D) ERISA requires each employer to

establish a pension plan. (E) All of the above are provisions of ERISA.




Which of the following acts deals with the minimum wage paid to laborers for contractors who



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