Managing Supplier Quality

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Managing Supplier Quality: Integrated Devices

This case analysis explores quality management issues as it pertains to Trexler, a supplier of Integrated Devices, and suggestions to process improvement in order to increase quality throughout the value chain. This paper critically deciphers the weaknesses and opportunity areas that Integrated Logistics should research before continued business with Trexler is attempted. This analysis includes research and best practices outlined by Monczka, Handfield, Giunipero, and Patterson (2011) relative to the case study.

In the case analysis of Managing Supplier Quality, Integrated Devices’ Injected Molding Commodity Team responsible for conducting business and process interaction with
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Samples tend to be the best of what the supplier has to offer and not the worst which does neither guarantee consistency in commodity production nor does it give the buyer an accurate picture quality performance. The problem with samples is that you see the end result but not how and where the product was produced which goes against principles within quality management. In this particular case, Integrated Devices focused on the process that produces the material rather than just on the material itself. On the same token, unit cost should also not be heavily relied on either. Some suppliers marvel over the fact that their cost per unit is cheaper that rivaling suppliers. What unit cost does not explicitly indicate are the components that comprise the end product. Knowing what materials constructed the product and how it was made can give a supplier a lot of insight as to the level of quality that the product will have. It also gives buyer an advantage in choosing the correct supplier based off of product manufacturing. Due to the heavy reliance on the product samples and misjudgment Trexler’s production abilities, members of Plant No. 3 were not happy with the supplier chosen by Integrated Devices’ corporate commodity team. The purpose of the corporate commodity team is to constantly evaluate the commodity production and process and well as “…develop a commodity strategy that


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