Meeting Stakeholder Needs

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CMI Level 3 Diploma in First Line Management
Jackie Bowen
Tutor Name: Liz Pawlowski
Title: Meeting Stakeholder Needs
Unit: 3003

Contents Page Page Number * Title Page 1 * Content Page 2 * Aim of the report 3 * Identifying Stone Computers key stakeholders 4 * Understand the process required to continually 8
Improve meeting stakeholder’s needs * Be able to prepare a case to support a change in meeting 11 Stakeholder needs * Bibliography 14

Aim of the report
In this report I will be focusing on how to identify, meet and support all stakeholder requirements within my Job role, I will base this report on my role as progress controller at stone
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Some of the key issues which affect our Service level of agreement are:

* Parts arriving late * Sales trying to prioritise their orders * The time a machine takes to go through Euro soft * Sales making unachievable promises to customers
To observe the Production quality, each machine to come off the assembly line goes through Euro soft which tests the components and the build quality before packaging and shipping the order to the customer, as a team our aim is to accomplish less than 1% failure rate however we are currently achieving 1.5%. Some of the key issues that could affect the production quality are listed below: * Poor quality on the assembly line * Sales Errors * Damaged product coming from supplier * Under trained assembly workers
I would like to modify the operations work plan by introducing Quality Circle meetings on a regular basis to help achieve and maintain meeting our stakeholder needs.

2 Understand the process required to continually improve meeting stakeholder’s needs
2.1 Identify improvements to meet stakeholder needs
To continually achieve meeting stakeholder’s requirements I believe a business must frequently evaluate processes, through communication and analysing methods to recognise needs for improvement. I plan to hold monthly Quality Circle meetings which I believe could help the business move positively forward. The outcome of these meetings should be


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