Cadbury Orang-Utans Case

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QUESTION1: State what Cadbury’s mission, purpose, strategic plans, structure, policies, current public relations issues are. How do you think this will affect the public relations campaign and what should be the objectives of that campaign?

Cadbury as we know is a well-known company all over the world engaged in services of producing confectionery products. Cadbury provides its customers with world’s best chocolates and candies in more than 50 countries in the world and having a good and satisfied public relation with its customers.

Situation Analysis:
The situation is to determine the objectives and establish the alternatives to overcome the issue of using palm oil in the products of Cadbury in New Zealand. The
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2. Economical: Analysis of economic conditions make us to know the market trends and own place in market and conditions are not in favour of Cadbury.

3. Social: Society and its moves are also opposing of Cadbury because of the palm oil usage. In reality, it has formed a big social issue.

4. Technological: With the context of technology we refer to other options to be used on the place of palm oil. Consideration of chemical products is a point of matter in this analysis.

5. Environmental: Environment has been considered to figure out the variables on place of palm oil.

6. Legal: The situation has been analysed on the basis of legality that which legal aspects Cadbury has denied or it can if it consider some other nature-oriented products.

Cadbury’s Stakeholders:
Stakeholders are the ones who have certain interest in the business and its related activities because they are related to business directly or indirectly. The stakeholders for Cadbury’s palm oil issue are:

Ranking of Stakeholders:
We have ranked the stakeholders of Cadbury in order of most prior to least prior in accordance to their issue and concerns:

STAKEHOLDERS | PRIORITY | EXPECTATIONS/ISSUES | CUSTOMERS | 1 | High Quality | SOCIETY | 1 | Moral Values | SHAREHOLDERS | 2 | More Dividends | EMPLOYEES | 2 | Effective Management | AUCKLAND ZOO | 3 | Wildlife Concerns | ENVIRONMENTAL AUTHORITIES | 3 | Tree Plantation | GOVERMENT | 3 | Law-Abiding |