Medieval Morality Plays

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Medieval Morality Plays Throughout time, there have been many books, plays, songs, pamphlets, sermons, lectures, etc. written. These writings were all written with some kind of purpose to either inform, persuade, entertain, or teach their audience. One such form of literature not too widely known about is that of the medieval morality plays. These plays were not aimed to entertain, but to teach morals and religion to the uneducated lower classes of people in medieval Europe. The morality plays were also quite necessary to teach and inform the underclass people, through the thoughtful persuasion of play entertainment. Morality plays, as said above, were most popular and most widely present in medieval times. They were also found in …show more content…
(2). During the medieval period, there were many morality plays written about many different parts of the Christian life. Sad enough though, many of the morality plays have been lost and sections out of a numerous plays have also been lost. For example, the earliest know morality play, "Pride of Life", has many lost parts to it. (Warren 2). Another morality play, entitled "Creed", is also now lost. (2). The earliest known English morality play, "Lord’s Prayer", which was written in the late 14th century, has been lost. (2). Fortunately enough, there is a guild in York, England which is devoted to keeping the "Lord’s Prayer" going. (2).One of the most known morality plays, "Everyman", was once regarded as lost, but another copy has been found. This particular play was about the Christians need to confront morality and judgement. (1). "Everyman" is also an excellent depiction of the general aim of the morality plays, the main character is brought to meet with the importance of the Christian faith. (1). Later in the cessation of the medieval times and the dawning of the renaissance period, the morality play began to change and take hold onto a new shape and form which influenced both modern drama and renaissance drama. In the course, the morality play also took on a couple new names, on such is the moral interlude, which came to place in the late 15th century. (Hanning 1). The name of the morality play


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