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MacBeth Questions 1) The season that is described in the opening passage of The Canterbury Tales is spring. According to the narrator, when the season comes the people long to go on pilgrammages. 2) English people want to go down to Canterbury to seek the holy martyr, St. Thomas a Becket. 3) The narrator claims he meets some twenty nine pilgrims. 4) The Knight has fought in Alexandria, Prussia, Lithuania, Granada, North Africa, and Anatolia. 5) If the Knight beats his opponents in the tournament ring, he kills them. 6) According to the narrator, the Knight’s conversation and speech is honest. The Knight never said a boorish thing in all his life and he was true. 7) In appearance, the Knight’s armor is …show more content…

41) The clerk apparently spends all his money on learning or another book. 42) The clerk wasn’t talkative but when he did talk the traits that characterize his speech are formal, respectable, short, to the point, and lofty in theme. 43) The Clerk would gladly learn and gladly teach. The Lawyer pg 149 44) The lawyer is capable of quoting every judgment, case and crime, ever recorded since King William’s time. The lawyer wasn’t very busy. The Franklin pg 149 45) The Franklin’s beard is very white, his cheeks were red, and he resembled Santa Clause. 46) The text “was Epicurus’ very son” means someone who pursues pleasure as the chief goal in life. Epicurus was an ancient Greek philosopher. 47) The Franklin is compared to Saint Julian this is an appropriate comparison because they both have great hospitality. 48) Inside his house it “snowed” meat and drink and all the dainties that a man could think. The Guildsmen pg 150 49) The guildsmen all have eating utensils made of silver. They are carrying items of metal because they watch to display that they are worthy of burgess. The hired help the guildsmen bring with them is the cook. The Cook, pg 150 50) The Cook apparently works for the Guildsmen in the pilgrimage company. 51) The cook has an ulcer on his shin this


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