Wilson Chemicals (Ghana) Ltd

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INTRODUCTION Since 1952 a subsidiary of British Company for chemical manufacturer was established in Ghana, named Wilson Chemical (Ghana) Ltd. There were three reasons for its success:
1. Fertilizer as the primary product in an agricultural based economy
2. The company employed many natives in top positions
3. Appointed a native Ghanaian graduated from Oxford, Joseph Okono, as the president of Wilson Chemical (Ghana) Ltd.
Under Mr. Okono’s management, the company achieved a great success in sales and profit. Moreover, because of his ability to work hand in hand with any local regimes and loved by his employees and clients as well.

PROBLEM & QUESTION An independent auditor firm found some accounting discrepancies in 1984 at the
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This was a true example of the irony among ethic, morale and regulation. Keep in mind to the first of the three level of culture in norms and also the pyramid of culture which shows the idea of what is wrong can be justified as correct in some culture.

ALTERNATIVE SAMPLES Under the impression of personal ethic concerns and as a safety precaution from the local policy maker or government it is a good idea to relieve Mr. Okono from his duty and replace him and the whole team with a fresh new and clean boards of top position by the native qualified ones. This move is necessary based on the breach of conduct done by Mr. Okono according to local law, thus the company needs to act beforehand to prevent the accusation later on by the new regime and shows fresher image. Even though there has been no bilateral agreement for extradition or any acts from Great Britain side that prevent a company to commit bribery in another country. Another option is to keep him in his position and leave it as it is and let him do anything as long as it would bring good numbers financially for the company and keep the fingers crossed that no political agenda would affect the company in particular. CONCLUSION
In the name of personal ethic it is not a good idea to