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Lab12-Medical Microbiology- Part1– Differential Media/Biochemical Tests, Sp2012 (Set all of your margins to ½”)
Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to help you become a little familiar with some of the tests that can be typically performed in a clinical or research lab facility. These tests may help in determining a particular pathogen’s growth needs.
There are several sections to this lab. Find each section and complete the “Preparing for Class” sections.
Preparing for class - Day 1
Read in your lab manual about the following agar mediums: Blood Agar (pg 168), EMB Agar (pg 170), Mannitol Salt Agar (MSA)(pg 172) ), MacConkey Agar (pg 174), and PEA Agar (pg 176) to answer the following:

1. What does the blood agar select for?
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coli, |
|PEA Agar |Isolation of obligate anaerobic |Distinguished from gram-negative and |transparent |E. coli and |
| |bacteria |gram-positive bacteria. | |Staphylococcus aureus |
| | | | | |

YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FOLLOWING: o EMB – E.coli recognition o Mannitol Salt – Staph recognition o Blood Agar – Beta/Gamma hemolysis o PEA – Gram (+) recognition o MacConkey – Gram (-) recognition

19. Match the following plates with the above recognitions: [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] A B C D E

A.MacConkey – Gram (-) recognition. B. Blood Agar –Beta/Gamma hemolysis.

C. EMB – E. coli recognition. D. Mannitol Salt – Staph recognition.

E. PEA – Gram (+) recognition.

Lab13-Medical Microbiology-Part2 – Tests for the Identification of Bacteria, Sp2012
Preparing for class - Day 1
Read in your lab manual the following tests: Catalase Test (pg 150),


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