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Aim, objectives, rationale

List of criteria

Detailed assessment of The Toy

8 Physical development: Wellbeing

8 Intellectual development: Exploring and thinking

9 Language development: Communication

10 Emotional development: Identity and belonging, and communication

10 Social development: Identity and belonging, and communication

Detailed assessment of the role of the adult






I am a student at ….College and I am doing The Early Childhood care and education Course FETAC Level 5. One of mandatory modules in this course is Early Childhood Education and Play and The Toy Critique assignment is part of
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21. What kind of texture does it have?
It has smooth, even and solid surface with warm feeling.
22. Is it waterproof?
It is not waterproof. But I had experienced that a small amount of water does not cause any damage to the toy.
23. Is it washable or does it need special cleaning?
It is not washable and does not need special cleaning. It can be cleaned with dump cloth.
24. Is it for use indoor or outdoor?
It is for indoor use, but can be played outdoors as well, if it is not too wet.

25. Is it moveable?
Yes, it is. Child can move it, for example, from table to ground very easily.
26. Is it portable?
Yes, it is. It comes in nice box with lid and is lightweight.
27. Is it qualitative?
Yes, it is. My family members have used this game for more than three years and it still looks and feels the same as it was whet it was brand new. Material is qualitative and sturdy and printings have stayed on place till now.
28. Is it good value for money?
Yes, it is.
29. Are parts of it replaceable?
No, they are not.
30. Are there levels of difficulty?
No, there are not. But adults can make them up, like, asking the child to connect pieces by looking at colours. When child has appreciated it, adult can encourage the child to connect pieces matching the shapes.
31. Are there add-on packs available for it?
No, there are no add-on packs available.
32. Is it suitable for multiple purposes?
No, it is not. But,


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