Unethical Police Operations

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The actions of police are watched very closely. To the public, they are seen as those who protect and preserve the peace. However, there have been many situations in which victims have had to testify against a police officer because of some type of misconduct. When this happens, it takes a serious toll on the entire community. Trust becomes ruined, and in most cases the victim is left with a mental scar. Police officers have ethics that they are expected to follow. In the cases where they do not follow these ethics, they have to deal with more serious offenses. [Because of the special role that officers play in society, federal courts and professional perspectives place restrictions on an officer’s behavior on and off duty] (University Of …show more content…

Officers have the right to protect themselves in serious and harming situations, but they must first perform specific actions, in which they are trained to do before choosing to use a weapon against the criminal. Situations of brutality happen each day. At Reagan airport, a woman was beaten by several police officers, one male and two females. According to "Woman Files Suit Over Airport Incident " (2012), [The girl is standing at the security line and packing her stuff when suddenly the officers arrest her and toss her across the room so she hits a metal chair and falls down. Then they take her up and throw her on a metal table where they bash her head against it, so hard that she gets a concussion while they twist her arm in an inhumane way] (para. 3). The woman is suing and says that her life will never be the same. The officers in this case are also facing up to life in prison. I think that this type of behavior makes it hard to believe that officers are actually protecting the community. When officers respond in a violent manner, such as the officers did in this case, it makes it hard to believe that officers have to pass certain requirements. These are criminal actions, actions of which are done by criminals. I think that the officers should be sued, but the victim in this case will never be able to trust a police officer again. This makes one think about whether you should really consider calling the police or whether one should


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