U.S. Education Today & Tomorrow

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U.S. Education Today & Tomorrow
This paper reviews four important trends in our educational system today across America and discusses the impact of these trends on our future educational system. We live in an ever evolving world with constant changes that are affecting every aspect of our lives daily. Our educational system has not been immune to these changes and shouldn’t be since these changes and our ability to adapt to these changes will determine our future academic success and our place in a global society. Trend 1: Diverse & Older Population
America has always been a melting pot of diversity, but current statistics show that in the near future minorities will become the majority percentage of
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The rationale for this is that if we fail to keep our students educated in technology and its uses, then they will not be prepared and we set them up for failure. In fact, students cannot even get through our educational program now without technology because it is so commonly and widely used in our schools today. More and more schools offer online courses and certainly this trend will continue because it offers convenience and availability to those who may be homebound, having limited mobility, or simply prefer this learning platform. I believe technology will thrive in our educational system of tomorrow and is here to stay. That belief is supported and evident by acknowledging we live in a world reliant upon technology. Trend 3: High School Reform
High schools are recognizing the need for certain changes in order to better prepare students to be highly functional working adults and more competitive on a global scale. Some schools have already implemented changes such as developing schools within the schools that specialize in specific subject areas and requiring students to declare a field of study early on (Pearson, 2010). Since high school is the last stop for some students who may choose not to further their education, more schools are focusing on training options that lead to specific skilled trades in order to transition students into the


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