Hcr 220 Understanding the Patient Intake Process

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Understanding the Patient Intake Process
Jody J Long
HCR/220 Claims Preparation I: Clean Bills of Health
January 30, 2011
Axia College University of Phoenix

Understanding the Patient Intake Process
Working on the concerns of patients once he or she has been entered the health care system; there is vital need for understanding of the patient intake process. When a patient enters a clinic or any other facility the information gathered is very important to collect for the first time. The preregistration and scheduling information, including the insurance information, patient medical history, assignment of benefits, and the acknowledgement of receipt of notices that privacy practices gathered the first time the patient enters the
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This form of technology is very similar to the paper and pen system. A patient will not require prior computer knowledge, which means this will improve the intake process and reduce the paperwork.
Tablet PC have reduce the numerous of errors that occur with that it is very beneficial part of technology. People's handwriting can be very difficult for a person to read this depends on who has written the information and who will be reading it. This error will be the leading cause of most of the medical mistakes that have taken place in a medical office. With electronic filing of the forms, this will also reduce the number of errors in the medical office, and it will increase in the patient safety. Once the patient registration is complete by electronic means, it will make for a relocation of information to another system much easier, and it will reduce in mistakes that occur during the relocation of information.
A patient's intake process includes of several parts, medical history, scheduling appointments and procedures, collecting of insurance information, the verification of reception of privacy act with this it can be very time-consuming and lead to several errors. A Tablet PC will make this process much easier. The medical office staff will be able to provide accommodation to the patients more rapidly along with reducing the paperwork that the patient and staff will have to complete. With a Tablet PC, it will speed up the patient