Police Complaints

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Analysis & Application
Police Complaints
November 21, 2011

Conducting ourselves as mature individuals could determine whether or not we’re taken seriously within society. Since the beginning of time, black, white, Hispanic, etc., have filed complaints against police officers, regardless of their maturity level or regardless of their own fault level. Is society too disrespectful to law enforcement? If civilians could walk in police officer shoes for one day would the complaint level decrease? This paper will focus on the perception of the police by measuring public complaints and identifying two key aspects that affect the relationships between law enforcement and civilians.

Background One may be shocked to learn
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Proposed Solutions A key issue in this sample is the measurement of how civilians feel about law enforcement. Trust and confidence for law enforcement are the main reason individuals feel compelled to either speak up or not speak up at all against officers. How can we help society gain trust and confidence in its law enforcement individuals? 1. Personal experiences with police: Questionnaires offered to individuals that would love to see a change in policing and less complaints. The questions would consist of thoughts on fighting crime, crime prevention, victims of police brutality, community concerns and thoughts on unlawful stops. Collecting this data will allow law enforcement to react in the appropriate manner. Not necessarily criticizing information, but helpful information. 2. Community: Questionnaires in regards to community policing (good or bad), teenagers within the community, policing programs to assist single parents. This type of information is critical to identifying reasons for crime. Working together with the community can decrease police complaints because confidence and trust has been replenished in the neighborhood.
Unfortunately the number of police complaints within the United States by citizens are hard to identify because each law enforcement agency records and processes complaints differently. Police


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