Bshs 325 Week 4 Macro System

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Macro Systems

The concept of personal empowerment is drawn within each individual. Personal empowerment is the ability to have influence on events and those individuals who surround themselves at an intimate level. It is a place in time when an individual knows and understands his or her goal and where they are headed. It is also when an individual that they are ready for change. An example of personal empowerment is a wife and mother who have decided that a change is necessary for her and children and makes the necessary steps to leave her abusive husband who has physically and verbally and abused herself and children. At this point of time the wife has determined that positive change is in order for the safety of her and her children.
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As it relates to an interactions’ theory, these individuals will view poverty as a shared expectation. Unfortunately, the poor are judged negatively by influential groups. So they have a tendency to believe how they are viewed and settle on their position in life. They do not try to improve their living arrangements or work toward achieving success. They believe that poverty is not a cause of economic depression, but involves the person’s self-concept. To solve the poverty problems; interactions’ lean toward believing that the stigma associated with poverty should be eliminated. This in itself will perhaps cause positive changes to occur.
The human service worker plays a large part in the macro environment. The social worker will often be engaged in policy practice because policy changes happen very often in communities and organizations. The social service workers have varies roles such as planner, policy analyst, program coordinator, community organizer, manager, and administrator. The social worker also has responsibilities that deal with change in communities and organizations. They must identify the systems in need of change and the type of change needed. These changes may lead to community intervention, or intervention in an organization.
The macro system deals with communities, and organizations. One may ask them self how does this system impact child maltreatment, sexual abuse, crime, and delinquency. It should be noted that none of these are taken