Critical Evaluate Maslow's Theory of Hierarchy of Needs

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Critically evaluate Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as way of understanding employee motivation in contemporary Chinese business

Nowadays, people resources have been considered as an important task. To focus on that employees’ emotional motivator have always been considered as a standard to predict company’s future tendency of development. (Hurst,
1995) People’s motivation factors and uses have become to play a more significant role in modern firms, which is every boss cared. In today’s China, many local and multinational cooperation companies have expanded their dimensions; Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has been used in their human recourses management to motivate their staffs. Although many people do not think Maslow’s theory is a good way to
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To the staff of Tesco, the welfare providing by company is not just enough salary but the work atmosphere. Exactly as Herzburg (1968) has stated that fixed reason that lead to job satisfactions which is related to Maslow’s theory of motivation.

Moreover, Management Trainee plan can be processes which can help people achieve self-actualization that attracts the employees to enter the company. Chinese companies also prefer to adopt Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory as a strategy to motivate workers’ impetus. With China’s development and communication with world, culture diversity is on the process. Although there always stated China is still influenced by collectivism, in today’s
Chinese society, individualism and collectivism are coexisting. According to
Hofstede (1984), Maslow’s theory is based on his individualism background; it can also prove that Maslow’s theory is acceptable and available to Chinese firms. Moreover, for Chinese firms, Maslow’s theory is a good strategy to motivate employees’ emotion. In China Mobile, a most famous company in
China which is the leader of the whole telecommunication industry, esteem and self-actualization are the two most affect ways to make motivation.
China mobile has provided a series of fully optimized class for their employees to improve their quality of work ability and build up a kind of competitive selection of the outstanding workers to let them achieve their


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