Personal Credo

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Goals & Traits
There are many things that I would like to achieve before I reach retirement. The five goals that are the most important to me are:
1. I would like to buy a house. I currently am renting which I feel is a waste of money.
2. I would like to complete my Bachelor’s Degree shortly after I complete my Associate’s Degree.
3. I would like to have had a job that I loved doing.
4. I would like to have visited Hawaii.
5. I would like to have paid off all of my debts and be debt-free.
Three traits that should be helpful in reaching these goals are being determined, hard-working, and positive. Having these traits will be a good way to make these goals successful.
Three traits that could hinder my ability to reach my goals are
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The ten values that are least important to me are:
1. Fame
2. Celebrity
3. Fashion
4. Popularity
5. Power
6. Shrewdness
7. Silliness
8. Traditionalism
9. Wealth
10. Winning Fame is not a value that is important to me because there are so many other things that are meaningful to me other than people knowing my name. The celebrity value is not important for the same reason. Fashion is not a value that is important to me because although I like to look nice and presentable, it is not something I revolve my life around. Popularity is not important to me because I want people to like me for me, and if I’m not like for being myself then I don’t care if someone may not like me. Power is not an important value to me either because so many people take advantage of their power by being hateful to people who are beneath them and thinking they are superior to others. Another value that is not important to me is shrewdness which I think makes a person seem misleading. I would much rather be known as being a straight-forward person. Silliness is not an important value to me, even though I think it is good to have a sense of humor and not always be serious. People that act silly all the times come off to me as somewhat immature and not serious about things. One other value not important to me is


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