Mapping the Issue

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Jonathan Lee
Eng 1302
8 March 2012
Thomas Tutt

What Makes a Community Worth Gaming for

Dear friends and students of UTA, I humbly come to you with a simple argument, one that is close to my heart. Though it may sound trivial, the argument has been raging on for three decades, and has grown to a nation wide debate. The question: is there such thing as a gaming community? Again, the question may sound inconsequential, but consider this fellow Mavericks, what makes a community? Is it just a group of people meeting and having a good time? Or is it more? Is something like gaming able to unite people from all across the world? Admittedly, the argument is rather close to my heart. I have been interested games since the age of five. I
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There is just too much division between the scattered fan boy tribes that there cannot be a community. The culture of gaming is weak. The lingo and knowledge is too different between gaming factions to be called a gaming community. People that play modern games such as Call of Duty are unlikely to remember older games such as Metroid Prime. In short, what would the community is too spread apart to be called such. The gaming community exists because they believe to exist. The people of the gaming community believe that they are a community,what is there to stop them from becoming one? Sure they may have petty fights and many may not know the culture and the lore. Does this stop the community from proclaiming their existence? No. When the gaming community spoke out against SOPA and PIPA, the whole gaming community as shown in “Why PC Gamer objects to SOPA and PIPA” . The League of Legends community did not support the bill just because the Heroes of Newerth community was against it. The retro gamers as well as the new gamers gave millions to a group of game developers when they decided they were sick of producers telling them what to do. It is true that the many tribes of the gaming community can make them seem weak and unorganized; but when given a purpose, they are as strong as any other. In prominent editorials and magazines, they refer to gamers not by the game they play, they refer to them as the gaming community. When the New


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