Manual of Operation for Bakery

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Page I. Introduction 3 Background of the Business 4 II. The Cinnamon with Peotraco Icing product 5 A. Product Description 5 B. Raw Materials 5 C. Technical Specifications 6 III. Cinnamon Production Area 6 A. Physical Layout 6 B. Location 7 C. Basic Facilities 7 D. Equipment 8 E. Repairs and Maintenance 8 IV. Staffing 8 V. General Sanitary Standards 9 VI. Processes A. Production
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Packaging size: 7 x 5 inches plastic container
Storage: Must be placed in a cool dry place

III. Cinnamon Production Area

A. Physical Layout

The layout is generally clean though some areas need further development like they must convert their flooring into tiles for easier cleaning. There are some areas that need to be arranged like the work table must be pushed away the shelves for fast movement of the baker, the shelf can also be pushed away since it blocks the opening towards the bakery, the opening must have a regular cover to limit the entrance of unwanted materials, there must also be proper ventilation, and lastly the bread slicer must be transferred from the bakery to the production area. (see figure 4)

B. Location

The bakery is located on Blk-12 Lot-20 Area-S Queens Beatrix street, Queen’s Row East Bacoor, Cavite. It is beside another competitor bakery that poses a threat particularly on their sales and portion of the local market. It is also four blocks away from its supplier which is an advantage because raw materials are delivered immediately whenever it is needed. Its nearness to the customer makes it accessible and more convenient for customers to come. As a result, the


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