Hygiene and Recipe Answer

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HTAP 100 Orientation Summery Assignment

Kitchen Operation

Please print this assignment and brig it completed to your class

Pre-Class Preparation

1. How does a student prepare himself for class? (List 3 duties.)
Answer: student need to
1. Wash hands
2. Wear correct uniform
3. on time

2. Name 3 parts of a recipe
1. Method
2. Imperial/Metric
3. Ingredients

3. Where a student does obtain information regarding his/her assigned position for the day?
Answer:A student obtains information regarding his/her position for the day from instructors or the people who in supervisory positions station chefs.

4. List the various reports to be completed in the kitchen labs. (3)
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24. What do students do to items stored on rolling trolleys in the refrigerator? Answer: Students should keep perishable items in the refrigerator and remove only items as needed from the refrigerator. Pay attention to sanitation control points in recipes. Minimize exposure time of items. Place mis en place that is placed on the table on ice.

25. What has to be done to the cutting boards on the steam table and front line fridge at the end of each service? (Be specific)

Answer: Transfer food to clean containers. Wrap and label .Store food to the appropriate places. Cutting boards and front line fridge should be emptied and cleaned.


26. How high is the minimal rinse temperature in the dishwasher?
Answer:The minimal rinse temperature in the dishwasher is

27. How many switches and dials must be turned to operate a convection oven?
Answer:There are 4 switches and dials must be turned to operate a convection oven including thermostat, power switch, timer and fan switch

28. In the Hobart Mixer, in what position must the mixing bowl be in the mixer when changing mixing tools?
Answer:When changing mixing tools, the mixing bowl must be settled on the down position.


29. How would you measure 8 oz of butter?
Answer: Butter is often measured by volume, 8oz of butter equal to 1 cup / 250 ML (by volume)

30. In what order is the food processer assembled for use? a) Place the lid


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