Managing Financial Resources

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Subject: managing financial resources and decisions.
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Section No Page No 1. Introduction 2. Identify the sources of finance available to a business.(P1.1) 3. Assess the implications of different sources.(P1.2) 4. Select appropriate sources of finance for a business project. (P1.3) 5. Assess and compare the costs of different sources of finance (P2.1) 6. Explain the importance of financial planning.(P2.2) 7. Describe the information needs of different decision making.(P2.3) 8. Describe the impact of finance on the financial
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In contrast, companies raise finance by issuing shares. Large companies often have thousands of different shareholders. These are the various sources of finance available to a business

Personal Savings
Quite simply, personal savings are amounts of money that a business person, partner or shareholder has at their disposal to do with as they wish. If that person uses their savings to invest in their own or another business, then the source of finance comes under the heading of personal savings.
Although we would generally discuss personal savings as a source of finance for small businesses, there are many examples where business people have used substantial sums of their own money to help to finance their businesses. A good and very public example here is Jamie Oliver, the television chef. Jamie financed his new restaurant, 'Fifteen', using fifteen raw recruits to the catering trade and a large amount (£500,000) of his own cash.
Retained profits
This is often a very difficult idea to understand but, in reality, it is very simple. When a business makes a profit and it does not spend it, it keeps it - and accountants call profits that are kept and not spent retained profits. That's all.
The retained profit is then available to use within the business to help with buying new machinery, vehicles, and computers and so on or developing the business in any other way. Retained profits are also kept if the owners think


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