Manage Care and How It Has Affected and Changed Health Care

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Manage Care and How It Has Affected and Changed Health Care

Manage Care and how it has affected and changed Health Care “Managed care embodies an effort by employers, the insurance industry, and some elements of the medical profession to establish priorities and decide who gets what from the health care system.” (JAMA.2001; pg. 285:2622-2628). Manage Care is part of the Health Care system since 1973 is known as the system that finances and delivers health care to individuals enrolled under their plans. Manage care is intended to reduce the unnecessary health care cost in America through a variety of mechanism that includes medical necessity review programs, economic incentives for physicians, beneficiary cost sharing, control of
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The irony of healthcare is that then those herbs and plants were available to everyone and seeing the town doctor would cost only a few shillings for the local doctors’ help. The evolution of managed care in healthcare has produced great changes in the consumer roles in healthcare with much emphasis placed on preventative medicine, consumer choice and their accountability of being responsible for his/her own health and healthcare (Berman, (2011) Vol. 21 (2), pp. 353-83.). Implementations and regulations to control how care should be delivered to people, high premiums, and out of pocket expenses manage care has definitely impact the revolution of health care. Manage Care has brought much headache to families with sky rocket medical bills, huge premiums, and high copayments.
Significance of managed care:
My thoughts of managed care is that I understand their significance to an extent, I am not totally agreeable with their principles and I am not totally against them. Abuse of the system for profits and not the right quality of care is not something that should be compromised with any health care establishment. Without manage care capitations some people may most likely abuse the healthcare system. It is important to control the utilization of health care based on some circumstances. My problem with the system is the high cost that people have to pay for premiums. The copayments which are to be paid by enrollee’s to receive the necessary care,


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