Manage Health and Social Care

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Unit 13: Manage Health and Social Care Practice to Ensure Positive Outcomes for Individuals

Unit code: M3
Unit reference number: M/602/2850
QCF level: 5

1 Understand the theory and principles that underpin outcome-based practice

Q1.1 -Explain ‘outcome-based practice’

Q1.2- Critically review approaches to outcome based practice

Q1.3- Analyse the effect of legislation and policy on outcome based practice

Q1.4 Explain how outcome-based practice can result in positive changes in individuals’ lives

2 Be able to lead practice that promotes social,emotional, cultural,spiritual and intellectualwellbeing

Q2.1- Explain the psychological basis for wellbeing

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This definition of health has not been changed since 1948. By referring to my visit needs and risk assessments, I have found that, the first person that is an adult has been successful up to a certain extent in defining health, more than the rest of the people. Therefore, it proves that their age group will affect the definition of health by different people. If a person is having a disability or disease, they have a more tendency to think that they are not healthy only because of their disability or disease despite their age group. Looking at the fourth person's answer in my visit to client’s home can prove this. As he is old and is not fit enough to do his own work, he thinks that he is not healthy. However, by looking at health positively, he should consider his emotional, social and intellectual aspects of health as well as the physical health. However, many people do not include their mental and social well-being, A positive definition of health should consider every aspect of our health such as physical and mental, as said in the above definitions.

Secondly, where the negative definition of health is concerned, some people believe that health is merely the absence of illnesses, injuries or diseases. Most of them only consider the physical aspects of their health. Again according to the visit, a child defined health as the ability to do hard work and be physically active in terms of running, jumping and carrying. Therefore


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