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Men May Have Invented Softball, but Women Perfected it
In ENGL 1301, these past two weeks have given me a better understanding of ethos, logos and pathos appeals. Being in a discourse community has made me put these appeals into perspective. Understanding that being in that community made me a stronger woman. This will give me a chance to show you, my professor and classmates that softball is indeed a sport. I will prove why I attended this discourse community in softball at a young age to now by explaining the mental state of understanding the rules, the physical mechanisms, and the emotional connection it has on my authority, team and myself.
Having good comprehension skills helps understanding the rules very easy. I was first
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A left handed person has to cross their body to throw to a right handed person. It’s a certain way of throwing to prevent my arm coming out of socket. Make sure my body is sideways, elbow and wrist is pointed back, and my glove is pointed toward the person I am throwing to. This will allow the ball to line up with their chest. Once the ball is thrown, finish my throw with my bellybutton facing the target; weight forward, and nose over my toe. Like I stated earlier, learning the basics is not that inflexible. Consuming an emotional connection towards the coaches and teammates had a massive impact on me. My senior year in high school coming in as a second team all-district pitcher, most valuable player from my freshman and sophomore year and honorable mention my junior year, it was an emotional roller coaster. I was pumped up the entire fall anxiously waiting for spring to get here to break more records but little did I know that a dramatic turn was about to happen. My team was very close. We went to church together every Sunday, had Wednesday mornings off from work outs to study with each other, Wednesday evenings off if we wanted to go to church, ate together at lunch, prayed before each game, and had weekly reports with our coach about grades. It was the fourth game in district and I was rounding third base heading home when my legs started feeling funny. When I touched home plate, my foot slipped and twisted my


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